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Review Board

You code digitally and spend your work life online, so why take code reviews offline?

Review Board is a web-based code review application that allows users to perform asynchronous code reviews.

It features side-by-side diffs, commenting, workflow and commenting for pre- and post-review commits.

Review Board supports SVN, Git, CVS, ClearCase and Perforce.

* Admin Package included: OpenVPN, SSH, SFTP, OS root access

Code review doesn't have to be so hard.

Review Board takes the pain out of code review, saving you time, money, and sanity so you can focus on making great software.

You can review just about anything

Code, documents, artwork, you name it!

There's more to your project than just code.

Documentation, artwork, website designs, interface mockups, release announcements, feature specifications, and the list goes on.

Mockups, screenshots, and other images

A picture paints a thousand words, and can be key in a review.

Drag-and-drop one or more images onto your review request to make them instantly reviewable.

Your team will be able to click-and-drag anywhere on the image and leave a comment.

When they do, you'll see their comment right along with that portion of the image.

Made a tweak to the image?

Just upload a new revision and view a visual diff of the changes through one of our many image diff modes.

Text-based files

Sometimes you'll have other text content that's not part of your source tree.

Log files, sample configuration files for testing, or console output, for example.

Drag-and-drop them onto your review request, and they'll be reviewable just like source code, complete with syntax highlighting.

Comments can be left across multiple lines, and they'll show up along with those lines in reviews.

Like images, uploading a new revision will even let you diff between them!

Markdown documents

Documentation is an important part of most projects.

Review Board provides review support for Markdown attachments, showing both source and rendered documents so reviewers can see not only the Markdown source, but the rendered document as well.

You can also diff between versions of a Markdown document, in either source form or rendered form, and comment on any range of lines.

PDF documents

With the optional Power Pack, PDFs can be attached and reviewed as well.

This means you can print any type of document to PDF (Word, Excel, etc.) and review it right within Review Board.

This is incredibly useful for reviewing product documentation, requirements documents, schematics, presentations, or other types of documents related to your product, right from within Review Board.

And, of course, source code

Review Board's leading diff viewer shows you code in ways others don't, helping you catch problems you might otherwise miss.

We have a lot to talk about here.

See your code changes in a new light

Our diff viewer catches things that others miss

Diff viewers are central to code review tools.

Unfortunately, most do little more than show you what lines changed.

Ours goes beyond that to show you how and why.

Syntax-highlighted diffs

See your code in all its glory with syntax highlighting for over 300 languages.

This isn't just about looking pretty.

This can help you catch reserved keywords, mismatched strings, leftover comments, and more.

Smarter indentation handling

When you indent a block of code, most code review tools will just show you a bunch of deleted and inserted lines.

If you indent and change your code, your changes just get lost in the noise.

Review Board doesn't do this.

Instead, we show you special markers showing how far each line was indented (or unindented).

If the code hasn't changed, we won't waste your time with colors or other noise.

If it has, we'll show you that, too!

Moved code detection

Ever move some functions or other code around in a file, and then try to review it?

It's a pain!

It's hard to tell what code has moved and to where, or whether there were other changes to pay attention to.

Not here.

Review Board checks that for you, helpfully showing where code moved to, from where, and whether there were any other changes made during the move.

Know exactly what function or class you're in

Review Board understands most major types of source code, and will helpfully show what class or function any change is in, so you'll know exactly where a change is being made.

See more context in your diffs

Sometimes changed lines aren't enough.

To fully understand what's changed, you need to see more of the function, class, or the file in general.

Wherever you are in a diff, you can click to expand the diff up to the nearest function/class, or expand 20 lines in any direction.

If you really need everything, you can also expand the full contents of all files.

Craft higher-quality reviews

More informative reviews without all the hassle of other tools

Code review takes time, and we want to give you the most value for your time.

Through our review capabilities, we help you produce high-quality contextual reviews that better track the defects in code and documents.

Multi-line commenting in diffs/text files

Comments aren't always about just one line in a file, but most code review tools only allow you to leave a comment on one line.

Review Board makes it easy to comment across multiple lines.

Just click-and-drag across the range of lines you want to comment on.

This works for diffs and for text-based file attachments on a review request.

Region commenting in images/PDFs

When reviewing images and PDFs (with Power Pack), you can review any part of the image or document by clicking-and-dragging to leave a selection and typing your comment.

Track issues that need to be addressed

When leaving a comment, you can mark it as an issue that needs addressing by the owner of the review request.

All open issues will be shown as a kind of To Do list, giving the owner a clear list of what needs to be done for their next iteration.

Comments can be left on anything.

Diffs, text files, images, PDFs. They're a great way to tracking what state the code or document is in, and what needs to be done before it can be approved.

Reviewers can optionally require verification before an issue is closed, helping to ensure that security fixes and other important issues aren't accidentally closed without being fixed.

Organized reviews and discussions

Every review gets its own box under the review request, containing every comment made across every reviewed diff and file attachment.

Discussions around that review are also contained within the review.

This keeps discussions in one logical place, instead of being scattered across diffs and files.

Contextual comments in reviews

Comments made on a diff, image, text file, or document are shown in a review along with the file's content.

You can see the lines of the diff or text file or areas of an image or document without leaving the page.

Need to see more of the commented diff?

Simply expand the diff right there in the review!

This works just like it does in the diff viewer.

All review requests, all in one place

Not scattered across a bunch of different repository pages

Whether you're using one repository or hundreds, hosted yourself or on another service, you'll be able to find everyone's code reviews in one place:

Your Dashboard.

Track what's next using the Dashboard

Your Dashboard gives you an up-to-the-minute overview of all the review requests you care about.

One look and you'll know what's next on your plate.

View review requests by your subscribed project or team groups.

Sort your review requests in any number of ways.

Switch between everyone's incoming review requests to your outgoing ones to see if you have work to do, or if you're ready to land your changes.

Keep organized and get to Inbox Zero

Archive review requests to hide them until there's new activity, to help keep your Dashboard free of clutter.

You can archive one at a time, or multiple at once!

Mute review requests you just don't want to see anymore.

They'll be gone from the Dashboard until you want to find them again.

Focus just on what you want to see, so you can get your job done fast.

Make it your own with customizable columns

Everyone works differently.

Make the Dashboard your own by choosing exactly what you want to see.

Pick from a large list of useful columns (bug listings, diff stats, activity indicators, and more), and order them the way they make sense to you.

Go even further and create custom columns through Review Board's extension framework!

Automated code review helps catch what humans miss

Works with popular third-party services and in-house tools

Automated code review helps find problems that people may miss (or that they might not even be looking for) and frees them up to focus on more important things.

We can integrate both with third-party services (like Travis CI or CircleCI) and any in-house scripts/tools you already use.

Track status of automated builds and reviews

Each automated build or code review being performed on a change will be listed along with its status on the change, letting you know if it's still building/reviewing the code, if it's completed successfully, or if it found issues that need to be fixed.

Reviews posted by automated code review solutions work just like any other review.

You can discuss what comes up, see the issues that were found, discard them, or mark them as fixed.

Your Virtual Machine Specs

Your Review Board Server will be running on an isolated and secure Virtual Machine with the following configuration 1 :

  • CPU: 1 vCPU on 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7260U Physical Processor(s)
    • Base Frequency: 2.20 GHz
    • Max Turbo Frequency: 3.40 GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB on 32 GB DDR4-2133 Physical Memory Chip(s)
    • DDR4-2133 1.2V SO-DIMM
    • Max Memory Bandwidth: 34.1 GB/s
  • Disk Size: 16.06 GB on 1TB M.2. SSD Physical Storage Chip(s)
    • M.2 Solid-State Drive (SSD)
    • Sequential Read: 530 MB/s
    • Sequential Write: 510 MB/s
    • Random Read IOPS: 92 K
    • Random Write IOPS: 83 K

Note 1 : Virtual Machine Resources are already optimized for performance. Under extreme usage or circumstances, more resources can be easily acquired via our Add-ons section.

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