Free Let's Chat Account

Free Let's Chat Account

Let’s Chat is a persistent messaging application that runs on Node.js and MongoDB.

It’s designed to be easily deployable and fits well with small, intimate teams.

Get your own Free Let's Chat Account on our Let's Chat Server

Let's Chat is free (MIT licensed) and is provided with killer features such as LDAP/Kerberos authentication, a REST-like API and XMPP support.

Let's Chat is a side-project of the development team at Security Compass.

(A real life 10% time project!)


  • LDAP / Kerberos Authentication
  • XMPP Multi-user chat (MUC)
  • Multiple Rooms
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Mentions
  • Private / Password-protected Rooms
  • Image embeds
  • File uploads
  • Hubot Friendly
  • REST-like API
  • Multilingual (i18n)
  • Transcripts / Chat History
  • MIT Licensed
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