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Born of a desire to make blogging fun again, Ghost is a publishing platform that is suitable for everything from personal blogs to major news websites.

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Ghost is a fully open source, adaptable platform for building and running a modern online publication powering blogs, magazines and journalists from Zappos to Sky News.

Built on Node.js, its modern technology stack makes it versatile and flexible for developers seeking to integrate with other applications and tools, while maintaining ease of use for content creators.

The central feature of Ghost is its editor, which enables authors to write using easy-to-learn markdown while simultaneously seeing real-time output in a preview pane.

Content is automatically discoverable on mobile devices with AMP support, and built-in SEO and analytics make reaching the widest possible audience easy.

Customize your blog with hundreds of pre-made free and premium themes, or create your own using the simple Handlebars theming language.

Key Features

  • Simple markdown for content editing and side-by-side preview pane to see the output in real time, making blogging easy and fun.
  • Built-in SEO, AMP, and analytics support make it possible to reach the widest audience and track readership without the need to install and configure add-ons or modules.
  • Themes are easily created using the intuitive Handlebars theming language. Content and metadata can be exported anywhere using the flexible JSON API.

A suite of modern publishing tools

Ghost is a powerful content platform designed for the future

An editor for writers

A Markdown based editing environment allows for fast formatting and a seamless authoring experience which places the focus entirely on the content being created.

A live side-by-side allows you to always see how the post will render.

Simple content management

All your content is available in an easily searchable archive which can be scanned through at speed.

Never lose track of those old articles again! We've got this.

Posts also come with a robust tagging functionality to allow for fine-grained categorisation of content, giving you a flexible archive which adapts to your needs.

You can build almost any type of category, section, format or flow using tags.

It's kind of like Gmail labels.

Work with your team

Multiples roles for authors, editors and administrators.

Invite your whole team to collaborate, with dedicated public user profiles for everyone.

Schedule content in advance

Queue up your full editorial calendar ahead of time and set your posts to go live like clockwork.

Ghost remembers to publish at the right time so you don't have to.

Enjoy simple site editing

Adding a logo, creating navigation menus, and injecting analytics code are all done with a couple of clicks.

Save time on all the small changes you make.

Completely optimised distribution channels

Publish once, distribute everywhere. Your content is set up to be discovered in as many ways as possible by your readers.

Search engine optimization

Proper SEO built in directly, with semantic markup, permalinks, XML sitemaps, canonical tags and automatic meta data with manual overrides.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

With integrated AMP support, your site will rank higher and load in a fraction of a second from Google mobile search results.

Detailed structured data

Every post published renders beautifully all over the web, with rich meta tags for Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards and

Subscriptions by RSS, Email and Slack

Full RSS feeds, email subscription capture forms and Slack webhook integration are all included by default, and handled for you!

Completely open source & adaptable

Own your code, control your destiny, determine your functionality

Free, open, simple

Ghost is an entirely open source application which has been downloaded 1,372,148 times by developers all over the world.

It uses a modern technology stack with sensible components and abstractions.

We release code which developers love; The inventors of JavaScript, Android and StackOverflow all use Ghost for their blogs.

Powerful tooling

Batteries included. A straightforward JSON importer and exporter keeps your data infinitely portable, while our CLI tool makes configuring, running and updating Ghost a breeze.

Simple, powerful theming with Handlebars

Use beautiful Handlebars templates to build out your publication.

Powerful helpers allow you to pull any data and display it however you want.

Take complete control of your design, rather than being limited to a few little options.

A complete, self-consuming JSON API for all your data

Ghost’s JSON API means that you have full control over what data to get, set and display.

You can build entire publishing apps on top of it, and completely customise the reader experience.

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