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Akeneo Community Edition

Akeneo is an open source Product Information Management (PIM) system designed for retailers looking for efficient answers to their multichannel needs.

Akeneo is a Product Information Management (PIM) software that helps more than 40000 marketing teams worldwide to take care of their product data.

So, what is a PIM?

A Product Information Management (PIM) solution provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to your sales and eCommerce channels.

A PIM solution makes it faster and easier to create and deliver compelling product experiences.

What kind of data is in a PIM?

  • Technical data — specifications, measures, ingredients, …,
  • Usage data — descriptions, how-to, where-used, …
  • Emotional data — product stories, rich descriptions, …
  • Media files — images, PDFs, videos, …

Who needs a PIM?

  • Marketers who seek to deliver a consistent omni-channel product experience
  • Retailers and brands who want to strengthen relationships with suppliers
  • eCommerce Managers who understand the impact of product data quality on online sales
  • Data Governance teams who want to track and meet compliance needs

Write to us and ask for your credentials to the admin interface of an Akeneo Community Edition Demo Environment.

Your credentials will be valid for 1 day after which the Demo Environment will reset itself.

Import your data

Import product data from Excel and CSV files, connect to third-party systems, and onboard your suppliers to get a full and clear view of all your product data.

Akeneo PIM comes with a simple yet extensible import engine that greatly simplifies data onboarding from virtually any source!

Organize and classify

Organize and classify your products the way you want.

No more complex tabular views with hundreds of useless columns! Graphically define your catalog structure – categories, families, products, variants, attributes, and so on – and start enriching your data.

Our powerful and intuitive product grid will help you to perform advanced searches on your catalog in a few clicks and to display only the information you need.

Edit and translate

Easily edit your data.

Define the attributes you need, complete product sheets, translate your information into as many languages as you want, add your media files, and keep track of any modifications directly in the product history.

Ensure quality and completeness

Control the quality of your data thanks to our completeness tool.

End forever the habit of publishing incomplete or untranslated product descriptions!

We think you will agree with us.

An incomplete product description?

Not cool.

Export your data

Want to export only the products updated since the last export in CSV every night?

No problem, you can choose directly what to export, how and when!

You will also find in our marketplace feature extensions and several connectors to directly export your data to your eCommerce website, your print catalog, your favorite marketplace and a lot more.

Your Virtual Machine Specs

Your Akeneo Community Edition Server will be running on an isolated and secure Virtual Machine with the following configuration 1 :

  • CPU: 1 vCPU on 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7260U Physical Processor(s)
    • Base Frequency: 2.20 GHz
    • Max Turbo Frequency: 3.40 GHz
  • Memory: 2048 MB on 32 GB DDR4-2133 Physical Memory Chip(s)
    • DDR4-2133 1.2V SO-DIMM
    • Max Memory Bandwidth: 34.1 GB/s
  • Disk Size: 17.06 GB on 1TB M.2. SSD Physical Storage Chip(s)
    • M.2 Solid-State Drive (SSD)
    • Sequential Read: 530 MB/s
    • Sequential Write: 510 MB/s
    • Random Read IOPS: 92 K
    • Random Write IOPS: 83 K

Note 1 : Virtual Machine Resources are already optimized for performance. Under extreme usage or circumstances, more resources can be easily acquired via our Add-ons section.

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