When choosing the name of our website (it4ever), we thought it would be rather unique.

The name was brainstormed during a trip to a highly secluded mountain retreat, among hard-core Information Technology professionals with a strong love for Batman Forever (or, maybe, for Nicole Kidman?), U2 ( Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me ) and Prince 4Ever music album (can you already hear Purple Rain playing in the background?).

But, boy, we were so wrong!

After coming home from our mountain retreat (where no Internet was available - can you imagine?) we have discovered that it4ever or variations of this name could already be found on the Internet (even on GitHub, for Christ sake!).

However, for some reason (could it be the love for Nicole Kidman / Batman Forever - or, maybe, the obsession for U2 and Prince?), we have decided to stay true to our "vision" and have set up it4ever.eu (we are Europeans, after all - as much as we hate Angela Merkel and the so-called European People's Party).

Anyway, politics aside …

We have intended this site as a bridge between the Human Sciences Professionals and Information Technology Professionals.

In this highly confusing world, dominated by hybrid warfare, people often feel the need to make their own voice heard (even if this is only to reassure themselves that they can still think independently).

People often feel the need to find other people who feel the same way to validate each others ideas and concerns and voice out their shared collective thoughts.

So, this site is for them - for you …

(However, if you are the average Facebook user who is mindlessly sharing online news without reading anything else other than the title or if, by some sort of accident, you are the average Twitter user thinking that 140 characters are more than enough to express his/her thoughts, please go away - this site is not for you).

We have worked really "hard" to keep the site very simple … No Cheap Thrills (yes, we listen to other kinds of music, too!)

One of the most candid questions we have received from our prospect customers is "Why do you charge money if the software promoted on your site is free?" or, even more aggressively, "Why are you charging money for free software?".

As we truly believe that there are no such things as "stupid" questions (but, rather, "stupid" answers), we really feel this particular question should be answered thoroughly.

To begin with, let us just start by saying that it4ever.eu does not and neither will ever charge money for the free software promoted on the site.

However, the same way as for commercial software, free software needs to run on some type of hardware.

So, if you feel like paying €25 or €35 for a Raspberry Pi or even €75 for a Rikomagic MK802 Mini PC (resembling a USB flash drive) featuring a 1.5 GHz Allwinner A10 processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage and if you are technically savvy enough to set up your own site on these miniature devices, then - by all means - please do.

But, if you are not a technically savvy person (or even if you are but, simply, don't want to waste your time with technical complexities) and/or if would like to rely on a more professional and reliable hardware, then we think/hope that you can agree to €6 monthly rent for a professional Intel-based hardware infrastructure, featuring latest generation i5 or i7 Intel Processors, 512 MB RAM and 15 GB SSD storage (for most of the Linux web-based applications found on this site).

Of course, various types of applications have various demands on the hardware.

For example, WordPress, the widely spread and loved Blog application, requires 700 MB of RAM for its optimal usage, which is placing the hardware used by this application in the price range mentioned above (€9 per month).

At the other end, Open edX e-Learning application, requires no less than 6144 MB for its optimal usage, thus placing the hardware used by this application at €42 per month price point.

(However, just think how much you would have to pay for a computer with 8 GB of RAM, add the monthly electricity bill on top and you will come up with the right measure of comparison).

But, if, for some reason, you feel that you deserve "free" hardware, then this site is not for you.

You are more than welcome to choose from the virtually unlimited number of limited "free" services available on Internet where the only payment required is either your privacy (does Cambridge Analytics sound familiar?) or, simply, your eye-balls ("targeted" online commercials - For Your Eyes Only - don't you just love James Bond movies?).

Tah-taaah (as the British are saying Goodbye)!

And, yeah … one last thing!

As much as we would "like" to claim that we have started our business in our CEO's garage (don't you just love the stereotype?), we have actually started this business in our living quarters - on the couch, at the kitchen table, on the stairs - and pretty much anywhere a power socket could be found after our notebook batteries were drying up

(Our garages are way too full of junk.)

(Also, we had the basic common sense not to install centralized heating or air conditioning in the garage …)

(… so, it would be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to work there anyway.)

(Plus, it would pretty much suck to work there during the rest of the year, too.)

(I mean, hellooo! We are talking about a garage!)

(This is the place where you park your cars …)

(… and the place where you put all the junk that you simply cannot bear to throw away).

(Certainly enough, not a cool place to work - no matter how cool the stereotype might sound.)

And yes, free software or not, this is still a business (not a charity).

After all, (business) greed is not such a bad thing!

Rather, this is just that French "je ne sais quoi" or Teenage "whatever" that keeps the world turning!

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